Products & Services

We can custom build to meet your fencing/ranching needs!

  • Panels
  • Gates
  • Continuous Fence
  • Hay Feeders
  • Working Alleys
  • Crowding Tubs

If you're looking for:

  •  Smooth plate
  •  Diamond plate
  •  Large diameter pipe
  •  Tires
  •  Batteries
  •  Scrap

Check out Wes' Recycling in Centerville
Click here to visit the Wes's Recycling website

We have the fencing materials and tools you need:

  • Steel Pipe posts and tubing
  • Sheet metal
  • Sheffield T Posts
  • T-Post Clips
  • Red Brand & OK Brand barbed wire
  • Stay Tuff high tensile woven wire
  • Portland Cement
  • Ready-Mix Concrete

Be sure and ask us about installation!